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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I claim office furniture on my taxes?

It is possible to claim tax relief on office furniture and associated equipment used to work from home (WFH). There are government guidelines published on GOV.UK regarding HMRC tax relief and P87 forms.

Can you regas an office chair?

If your office chair is sinking and won’t stay up, you will most likely need to replace the gas cylinder or replace the chair. We have a great range of operator and task chairs available to purchase online – visit

How much does it cost to move office furniture?

Relocating your office can be a daunting and costly task. Our team at MACOI Direct can help project manage your office move, including planning, storage surveys, packing crates, storage and transportation. Get in touch

How do you clean an office chair?

Even office chairs need some occasional TLC! For fabric operator and task chairs you can vacuum and dust the entire chair, or simply wipe with a damp cloth. For deeper cleans you can invest in an upholstery cleaner, just be sure to check the solution does not include bleach.

How do you project carpets from office chair wheels?

To protect your carpets or floors from legs or castors of an office chair in either your home office or workplace we suggest using a floor protection mat. Also known as chair mats, these carpet covers are available in various sizes and styles and are the easiest and cheapest solution to help save your flooring.

How do you remove hair from office chair wheels?

If you have hair stuck in your office chair wheels, you can try using a tweezer to remove loose strands, duct tape could also help to pull any loose hair away from the castor. For more stubborn tangles, you will need to try and cut the hair away carefully using a cutter.

How do you sit in an office chair?

There are simple steps you can take to ensure you are sitting comfortably. Adjust your chair height to ensure your feet can remain solidly flat on the floor when seated (use a foot rest if needed) and your knees are in line with your hips. There should be a 2-3 finger gap between the back of the knee and the seat of the chair, and you should sit up straight keeping your hips close to the back of the chair. At MACOI Direct we can provide full workspace DSE assessments, get in touch to find out more

How do you update old office furniture

If you’re looking to replace or upgrade your current office furniture, then look no further! At MACOI Direct we have thousands of products available to purchase online with an express UK next-day delivery service on many of our popular ranges. Browse our ecommerce site at

What is office furniture in accounting?

In accountancy terms, office furniture and associated equipment is classed as a capital, or fixed asset.

What does the knob under an office chair for?

Depending on your chair, you may have several levers and knobs under your seat. Levers normally adjust the height of the chair, along with back angles and seat tilts. A knob style mechanism is normally there to adjust tension and adjusting the back rest height.

Where should lumbar support be on a chair

Lumbar support on an operators, task or managerial ergonomic office chair is located on the lower part of the chair back. Lumbar support is designed to help support the natural curve of your spine. Lumbar support is normally built into the chair, and can be inflated or deflated using a pump mechanism. View a rang of ergonomic chairs at

Where can I buy office chairs from?

At MACOI Direct we stock a wide range of chairs at affordable prices. Browse our chair range including ergonomic chairs, executive chairs, mesh chairs and meeting room chairs at at:

Where to find cheap office furniture

At MACOI Direct we stock a range of chairs at affordable prices. Browse our chair range at:

Which office chair should I buy?

With so many office chairs flooding the marketplace, it can be a difficult task choosing the best office chair. Visit our ecommerce shop to find your next office chair, we have plenty to choose from including ergonomic chairs, executive chairs, mesh chairs and meeting room chairs –

Who makes the best office furniture?

As established office furniture and associated equipment suppliers we are able to provide single-source procurement solution. Our existing partnerships with many of the top UK manufacturers include office desking, office chairs, office storage, and educational furniture.